banjo, mandolin, resonator guitar, and guitar

Leo’s Grandpa’s both played music for dances, barn raisings, and other social functions down in the Fredonia, Kansas area from the 1920s to the 1960s. Now, Leo continues that family tradition on stage by playing banjo, guitars and mandolin, but the musical styles he has chosen to play are a bit more eclectic. Leo is seldom far from an instrument. Having gained a reputation as one of the best repairmen and builders of stringed instruments in the country, he splits his time between Voyager travels and his home shop the "Versatile Workbench" where he builds "Wildflower Custom Instruments". The guitar and mandolin that Leo plays on stage are instruments he made. The banjo, originally a 1930s era Gibson tenor banjo, has a new 5-string neck he made for it a few years ago. The National resonator guitar is also from the 30s.